Coffee + NY. It just goes together.

One of the most recent videos I got to edit features Coffee Foundry, a coffee shop that doubles as a Karaoke joint at night. For our feature we focused on the coffee (Thankfully so, I'm not much of a karaoke singer anyway :))

We got to interview Norm, the co-owner and barista (aka the guy that knows what it takes to make a good cup of joe). Incredibly animated and quirky, I made sure to include as much of his personality in the video as possible. His passion and knowledge of coffee was just pure awesome - I've never met someone so wired about coffee, and it's not from the consumption of it, because as he mentioned to us, caffeine has no effect on him anymore. For the feature, he walked us through how to make the coffee using a Chemex, a beautifully crafted hourglass shaped flask. 

Couple notes I learned about coffee:

- Depending on the region, coffee is meant to be prepared differently. It is what helps highlight the flavors and notes of the coffee.

- Temperature is really important with coffee. When preparing the coffee in a Chemex, be sure to warm up the glass and the cup the coffee will be poured into. Similarly, letting coffee sit for too long will make it acidic, which affects the flavor. 

After watching him brew the coffee for us, I'm pretty psyched to buy a Chemex myself and start brewing my own coffee soon.

Colleen Deng - Graphic Designer

Personal branding is probably the toughest thing to do for any designer. For a very long time I feel like I was going in an endless circle of self-criticism. Do I make a logo? What kind of symbol? What kind of tone/words best describe me?

As I started to design the card, I thought a lot about my style and approach to design - Simple & Clean. I also like taking a very personal approach with my creativity and enjoy collaborating with others to brainstorm and design unique solutions. I used these themes to help guide me to have my personality reflected through the card and am really happy with the final product.

The front of the business card gives you my contact info and the back is a list of the things I enjoy in relation to design, ending it with Let's Chat. The primary font I chose was Lato, which has what I feel is a professional yet casual feel. I chose Trade Gothic as my secondary font to contrast the classic proportions of Lato. The card also has splashes of orange, which reflect my optimism, energy and passion for design. To add to the personal touch, I printed my cards on the 16pt. Green Cards* from, which has a very natural feel. I love the weight of the cards and how well the orange came out. It's incredibly eye catching in the mess that my table's become. :) For anyone looking to make some quality business cards, I highly recommend Their fast turn-around and quality of the printing is superior!

To take it one step further with the personal feel, I do plan to letterpress them in the future.

*100% recycled and recyclable. Manufactured using wind power. Free from harmful chemicals.

Here's a video on how Moo creates their Green Cards: 



I welcomed the New Year with a couple friends, a bottle of champagne and lots of hope and anticipation for another year full of opportunities & challenges ahead. But it's not just about hope and anticipation, it's about going out there in search of those opportunities. Stepping out of your comfort zone to learn more about yourself and what you're capable of. All the while reflecting on the lessons you've learned over the years and embracing mistakes as life's little way of saying 'Not so fast. There's a lesson here you NEED to learn.'

And judging by how the first month has gone by so far, there's going to be a lot more lessons and insight to come. Here's to 2013. Let's go.

Happy Holidays

A couple days ago, I was on a mission to find sturdy black construction paper to attempt to make bokeh filters to use on our Christmas tree. Very much in the holiday spirit, I tried cutting out the word JOY for my filter, which resulted in the picture below. If the lights were spread out a bit more, I think it would've looked great. Nonetheless, it was a really exciting process to see the way the lights shine through the filter.

Wishing you all a happy & warm holiday season with your loved ones. 


Electric Meter Reading

Every month a Con Edison representative visits the house to record our electric meter reading, which we write on the first card indicated below. As we also fill out the card for our tenants this results in two cards posted on the front door of our house. In an effort to consolidate the information and make it easier for the representative to record the information, I designed a new form for our home. 

Con Edison Meter Reading Card

Con Edison Meter Reading Card

My Electric Meter Reading Card

My Electric Meter Reading Card