New York's Best Cheesecake

Last week I got to shoot at Eileen's Special Cheesecake, a little shop located on Cleveland Place - a street most NYer's don't even know about. You could easily walk right by the shop and not notice it but the minute you walk in, the aroma of fresh cheesecake and baked goods welcome you. We got to interview the owner, Eileen - hear about her inspiration for the shop, fan favorites among other things. To anyone visiting New York or anyone that's lived here their who life and has not tried Eileen's, you have to go there. And bring a group or friend with you because you're going to want to try more than one item. 

This is the video I edited for OMG Foodie. Although the full interview with Eileen had a lot of insightful words I had to condense it to the essentials. I wanted to ensure that the enthusiasm and love she has for what she does was well represented in the video. I felt the music I chose reflected a very warm, homey, tone. While there we met one of her loyal customers, Rose, who had been going to Eileen's for 30+ years. Her brief soundbite helped give the video a little more depth and def. validated everything Eileen was talking about. My only issue with the video overall was the lighting inside the shop - def. have to read up more on simple solutions to adjust the lighting or bring lighting fixtures without being too obnoxious.