Colleen Deng - Graphic Designer

Personal branding is probably the toughest thing to do for any designer. For a very long time I feel like I was going in an endless circle of self-criticism. Do I make a logo? What kind of symbol? What kind of tone/words best describe me?

As I started to design the card, I thought a lot about my style and approach to design - Simple & Clean. I also like taking a very personal approach with my creativity and enjoy collaborating with others to brainstorm and design unique solutions. I used these themes to help guide me to have my personality reflected through the card and am really happy with the final product.

The front of the business card gives you my contact info and the back is a list of the things I enjoy in relation to design, ending it with Let's Chat. The primary font I chose was Lato, which has what I feel is a professional yet casual feel. I chose Trade Gothic as my secondary font to contrast the classic proportions of Lato. The card also has splashes of orange, which reflect my optimism, energy and passion for design. To add to the personal touch, I printed my cards on the 16pt. Green Cards* from, which has a very natural feel. I love the weight of the cards and how well the orange came out. It's incredibly eye catching in the mess that my table's become. :) For anyone looking to make some quality business cards, I highly recommend Their fast turn-around and quality of the printing is superior!

To take it one step further with the personal feel, I do plan to letterpress them in the future.

*100% recycled and recyclable. Manufactured using wind power. Free from harmful chemicals.

Here's a video on how Moo creates their Green Cards: