Coffee + NY. It just goes together.

One of the most recent videos I got to edit features Coffee Foundry, a coffee shop that doubles as a Karaoke joint at night. For our feature we focused on the coffee (Thankfully so, I'm not much of a karaoke singer anyway :))

We got to interview Norm, the co-owner and barista (aka the guy that knows what it takes to make a good cup of joe). Incredibly animated and quirky, I made sure to include as much of his personality in the video as possible. His passion and knowledge of coffee was just pure awesome - I've never met someone so wired about coffee, and it's not from the consumption of it, because as he mentioned to us, caffeine has no effect on him anymore. For the feature, he walked us through how to make the coffee using a Chemex, a beautifully crafted hourglass shaped flask. 

Couple notes I learned about coffee:

- Depending on the region, coffee is meant to be prepared differently. It is what helps highlight the flavors and notes of the coffee.

- Temperature is really important with coffee. When preparing the coffee in a Chemex, be sure to warm up the glass and the cup the coffee will be poured into. Similarly, letting coffee sit for too long will make it acidic, which affects the flavor. 

After watching him brew the coffee for us, I'm pretty psyched to buy a Chemex myself and start brewing my own coffee soon.