Why is your site called Tugboat Creatives?

Tugboat comes from the idea that small groups are capable of making amazing things happen. In my career, I’ve worked on many small teams and have proven that we have what it take to create the experiences that resonate with people. I believe that everyone is creative and what matters most in bringing out that creativity is the right environment to foster it. I believe in a collaborative approach and consider all details to add up to what can be a memorable experience. So, we’re all on this ‘boat’ together to get to the right place and complete the tasks at hand.

Quick facts

I brew my coffee using a Chemex.
I designed a billboard for Nike.
I’m a fan of board games, like Pandemic.
I’m the proud dog mom of Link.
Photography is another creative outlet for me.
So is letterpressing.

About Colleen

Colleen is a creative problem solver and designer with a hungry curiosity for what connects great brands with passionate people. Her values in design are built on understanding the people she’s creating the print, website or experience for and bridging that to the heart & soul of the brand.

She seeks to nurture and create collaborative environments, working alongside equally passionate individuals to make a better experience for people. She holds herself and work at a very high standard ensuring the goal and tasks are properly communicated between team members and pixel/dot perfection. The most fulfilling aspect is learning and growing with the people she's with. 

She's worked with some amazing brands over the years and is always looking for ways to grow her skills and vision as a creative professional. She's currently living in Long Island, NY and works at Columbia University where she assists their many alumni divisions and global centers to create better experiences for donors and alumni. When she's not designing, she spends her time urban hiking, letterpressing at The Arm or catching up with friends over a cup of joe.

Previous clients include: